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' i dont cry over sailboat bitches ' [13 Nov 2004|08:54pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

go rachel. or well shall i say summer. sail boat bitches..wow seth/adam she told you. yup it is that time of year again. welcome to the oc bitch. thanks for those choice words lukey my boy. who woulda thought luke and seth would have spent the summer together? me. cause iam pshycic. nah i read spoilers in june. hah. who else was happy when chino walked away from coop? i was. this should become my oc critic jounal. nah ill do another journal for that heh. so today i went shopping and bought a shit load of crap. i bought a jean jacket for like 44 bucks and i absolutely love it. and a scarf and some other stuff. iam on the phone wit my lovely bestest friend. kris. heh alot of shady stuff has been goin on lately. well to me its not shady cause i know whats going on but between "certin people" hah kris, there has been. nah. iam kidding. kinda. heh. i will convert him - said by seth cohen. i have done seth well in fu-filling his christmaca wish. i have converted krista to the oc. she is one of us now lukey, one of us.

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workkk [30 Oct 2004|10:34pm]
[ mood | tired ]

ehh i just got home from work. since some of u prob dont know i work at wawa. its like a 7-11 only fresher n better lol. well this week i worked Tues,Wed,Today, n tomorrow. 3-10. Iam beat. Tomorrows holloween n i gotta work :( kris n niki might pick me up though so idk. well iama go.

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[01 Oct 2004|07:55pm]
[ mood | bored ]


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bored [23 Aug 2004|10:26pm]




Find out which Simpson you are at star-girl.org!

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la la la [23 Aug 2004|07:54pm]
[ mood | awake ]

hey. well friday night i went up to west chester with lynda and bobbie and kristas mom, she picked us up after work. that night was kristas b-day party. well we got up there at like 8:15 or so and niki and krista had everything set up. they had tons of food in the family room, the basement was all decorated and they made brownies and cookies and they even had hats to wear lol i think we wore them for like 10 minutes. well her mom took a pic of all of us on her camera phone lol it was cute. then we wanted to go to toys r us to get a oija..sp..well a chanelling board but her mom had a 'bad felling' of all of us going in nikis car. so then mary anne kris' cousin came over and she drove nikis car and took lyn, niki, krista to the store and my n bobbie waited at her house for the pizza guy. then they came back n we ate. then we did karriokie wow bad sp lol for a lil then played hide n seek lol. me niki n kris hid outside infront of this shack thingy in her yard and lyn n bobbie wern't finding us so we started to sing lol. then we went back inside and bobbie lynda n niki started watching tv with brian so me n kris sat outside. then we took a walk for like ahour and sat out front of her house. we talked about alot of stuff that night. well we went back and just chilled outside for a wile with the others. we watched nym! :) but yea i fell asleep for like a half hour from 5:30 to like 6? lol when it was over we found out lynda was asleep on the couch heh. we ended up callin all these ppl between 6:30-7:45? lol. james was already up but alot of ppl we called were sleepin still. finally we went to sleep at like 8:45. me lyn n bobbie had to get up at 11:30am cause my dad was picking me up. well sunday was my mom and g-moms b-day party. it was a surprise for my grandmom. she was surprised alright, walking in her door and seeing all of us there.. lol.

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angels in the outfield [15 Aug 2004|04:15pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

so wed. i went up to west chester to hang out with krista. me her n niki ended up watching it takes two ( <333 the movie ) n then me n niki scanned pics on kris's comp wile krista took a shower and stuff. then the three of us whent to this girl nicoles development and then to wawa and then to pick up our food we ordered. we chilled at kristas and watched the teen choice awards. wooo hooo chad michael murray won two. yup, he beat out the o.c dudes lol. too bad oth lost to OC. anyway, thursday we just stayed inside. friday we tried to get bobbie up to w.c but she had no way upthere. so on saturday i came home and kristas mom picked bobbie up and brought her up to their house. today i went shopping at value city. they had a really big sale or something. i got a pair of jeans for 7 bucks lol a really comfy pair of sweat pants for $3 and my mom got me a pair of sweat pants yesterday from their. Then I got one pair of school pants. I hate having to wear a uniform.. anyway they had the cutest trucker hat that i wanted. it was dark pink and white put it didn't fit. it was like a childs hat but in the jr's. then my mom wouldn't buy me a purse cause she says i have too many. pssh how can you have too many purses? you can tell i talk to bobbie to much i just wrote pssh lol don't worry i still love ya bobbie. one tree hills on at 5 ya all should watch.

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[15 Aug 2004|02:34am]
What does your name mean? something in britin..
How old are you? 16
How old are you mentally (as in are you mature?)? 16
Describe yourself in 4 words. sarcastic shy funny smart
What are your worst qualities: shy
What are your best qualities:idk
How long does it take you get get ready in the morning? 35 min or so on school days

Do you dream at night? ya
Do you remember your dreams? not very often
Describe one: I want to SNL with my sister and her friends and CMM was hosting and I talked to Tina Fay and she gave me her E-Mail since I go to her old High School and CMM gave me his E-Mail.
What time do you go to bed usually? School days 10-12 , Weekends-Summer 10-2-3
What time do you wake up normally? 9-10
What time do you wake on weekends? 9-10
Do youfind waking late nice or annoying? annoying
do you sleep with one pillow or two? two

Do you like school? sure
Why/why not? its fun sometimes
Whats ur fave subject? chorus
Most hated subject? math
Do you have a fave teacher? mr.hunter
Ever had a crush ona teacher? no
Are you a maths/science person or an english/drama person? english/drama person

Do you have heaps of friends? no
Do you have a best friend? yes
Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends? girl friends
Do you ever get annoyed at any friend? ya
Have you ever lied to a friend? ya
Have you ever stolen a friends boyfriend/girlfriend? no

Do you like your parents? most of the time
Ever run away from home? no
Ever thought about it? ya
Do you have any siblings? yes
If so, do you like or get annoyed with them? annoyed mostly with my sister we fight alot lol
How old are they? 21
If not, do you mind being an only child? --
Do you feel your parents spoil you? yes some times
Do you not get along with any of your family? my sister sometimes
Do you have big family get togethers ever? sometimes..

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? no
If so, are you in love with them?
Do they love you?
How long have you been together?
Most romantic thing theyve ever done for you?
Do you have a crush? nope
If so, are you in love? ....
Do they know you like them?
Is it serious or playful?
How long have you liked them?
Ever done something stupid to impress them?
Have you ever experienced unrequited love? yes?
Do u find it romantic or hurtful? hurtful
Even know what it is? no lol

Do you have a religion? yes
Do you practice it i.e go to church? no I used to
Do you believe in God? most of the time
Jesus? yes
Satan? no
Heaven? i try to
Hell? no
If you died tomorrow what do you beleive will happen to you? reincarnation or go to heaven
Does death scare you? OH YES

Have you ever been drunk? no
taken drugs? no
stolen? yes
shoplifted? no
tried to commit suicide? no
Lied to a boyfriend or girlfriend? no
gotten into a fight? not physical
are you more innocent or guilty? both
Would you date a drug addict? no
have you ever had to look after someone who was a drug addict? no
Are you racist? noo
Are you discriminatory to anyone? no
Have you been a hypocrite in the past? yes
Do you have an open or closed mind to other peoples beliefs and feelings? idk

Do you watch tons of tv? yea
How many times have you been to the movies in the past 6 months? 10+
Do you listne to the radio often? no
Do you read the newspaper? comics
Do you read magazines? yes
Are you a couch potato? does chairs count?
Do you use the internet too much? yes

Whats your fave style of music? pop n rock. not hard rock though and not all of it.
Do you play an instrument? no
Do you sing? in chorus
Whats your fave band/artist? ashlee simpson, britney spears, play
Why? Ashlee Simpson seems like sutch a sweet person and she has an amazing voice as her sister jessica does. Britney Spears well..the old her was amazing and so is Play.
Have you met them before? no
Name 3 cds that youve bought in that last year. Dont Stop The Music, In THe Zone, cant think of another one off the top of my heard
Why did you buy them? good singers

Whats your fave sport? hmm to play? basketball
Whats your fave sport to watch? football and hockey
Do you have a fave team of any sort? flyers n eagles
Do you play a lot of sport? no
ever won anything for sport? nope
Are you funny or serious? both depending on my mood
Creative or not? depends
Logical thinker or lateral thinker? lateral?
Are you outgoing or shy? shy
Have you ever been hyperactive? ya
Are you a naturally hyperactive person? no

Are you happy with the way you look? some of the time
Do you wear makeup regularly? a bit
Do you have a large wardrobe? nope

Do you have a job? no
Do you like it? --
Are you a saver or a spender? spender
Do you work hard or slack off? slack
Have you ever been fired? no
In trouble at work? --
Made a major mistake? --
Ever had money stolen from you? --
Are you always broke? yup

~embarassing moments~
Your all time most embarassing moment? I was standing outside the CHorus room waiting for the class before mine to leave and i was talking to this kid from my lunch freshman year and it was wet on the ground cause it was raining and my shoes were slippery and i slipped and fell on my ass.
Ever snorted drink out your nose? no
Ever giggled like an idiot? yes
Ever embarassed yourself and pretedned nothing happened? yes
Ever tripped in front of someone you liked? no
Ever said soemthing really stupid? yes
Ever snorted while laughing? yes
Ever fallen off a bed? yes
Ever sleepwalked? nope
Ever sleeptalked? nope

Whats your best memory? lots..probably the past 2 summers
Worst? getting hit by a car, falling at put-put and getting stiches in the back o f my head
Whats the wierdest memory you have? idk
Do you have a good memory? depends
Whats the coolest holiday you remember having? Christmas when we got our dog

Ever had funny thoughts and laughed and no one understood you? yes
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lovin angels instead [04 Aug 2004|10:38am]
[ mood | amused ]

hey. well sunday afternoon i went up to west chester with bobbie to see krista. sunday we just chilled up there. monday we got up at like 11:30 am and got brian to take us to wal-mart. there we got hair dye for me and bobbie, kris got a couple mka mags and we each got a mka hat lol. around like 1 kris and bobbie dyed my hair a light brown i really like it. then kris dyed bobbies hair black. her parents are gonna kill her when they find out. we did this all wile watching the wonderful ashlee simpson show :) then we just hung at her house monday night. tuesday we came down to ud at like 5:30am and hung at bobbies and slept. then we went to my house and i ended up getting sick so i didnt go back up to kristas like bobbie did. i fell asleep around 5pm and woke up around 11pm and have been up since then lol yup its 10:41am wed. Bobbies bringin down my bag and stuff. i hope she remembers my meds. and phone charger. iam going to target later woo iam gonna look for some mka or ashlee stuff lol.

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[21 Jul 2004|08:32pm]

I'm Phoebe Buffay from Friends!

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created by stomps.

Who is your ideal partner in the wizarding world? by Silvikins
Percentage of getting together: 81%
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hey [21 Jul 2004|08:09pm]
[ mood | bored ]

hey guys. i wanna thank Ashley for doing my background and centering the thing. Thanks hun! hmm well Monday i went over Becca's and hung out with Bobbie and Krista till bobbie was done babysitting then we went to her house and Kristas mom picked us up after work and took us up to West Chester. So yea we hung up their monday night and ordered the best pizza from danatos ( sp ) lol and watched cruel intentions..ryan..<3 lol kristas other man.. lol then we rped for a wile, wile watching the challange. we've come to the conculsion the other day that if krista was born in the 60's she'd be a hippie lol. hmmm well yesteday we went to get some cheese fries and we were stupid and didnt know there was a dinning room we could sit in and we ordered from the take out place.. lol .. ooo wee saw a cinderella story last night. soo happy man lol gotta love the chad. it was really cute. we were kinda loud though out the movie lol espssialy when krista said "does she have harry potter books?" kinda loud lol.

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confused [17 Jul 2004|10:13pm]
hmm very confused lol. idk if kelli started to work on my lj and uploaded the icon or what but..i didnt do that lol so yeah.. idont know what the heck is going on. iam actually thinking of getting a whole new lj name but that would prob be too much trouble. if anyone can help with changing my background then that would be great.
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miss you [12 Jul 2004|07:28pm]
[ mood | bored ]

iam really bored.the rp has been going pretty good lol. krista you need to come home! lol, shes in sc for a week or so. happy early birthday hun! gh was hillarious today. between dillions "erectial disfunction" and sage pounceing on him then slapping him.. it was great lol. iam in the mood to go and watch sweet home alabama even though i just watched it last thursday when i slept over bobbies sisters. maybe i should watch bring it on..we barley watched it lol. well iama go see ya

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hell yeah [09 Jul 2004|03:12pm]
Which One Tree Hill character will you have sex with? by cherryxcutie
CharacterLucas Scott (C.M.M.)
Where it will happenOn the One Tree Hill set
When it will happenAfter a taping of OTH
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yo hoes [09 Jul 2004|02:26pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

wow havent posted in a wile. hmm well this past weekend i spent it at kristas. ummm iam at bobbies sisters now wit her. shes wonderin how you get the milk in the cearal bar.. lol. i got my hair cut and i absolutely <333 it . ill post a pic later. ummm cmm is hot lol heres a little picture for you guys :


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[15 Jun 2004|08:36pm]

Which Celebrity Hottie will you marry??
Favorite color
You will marry:
You will: Love him forever
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hell freakin yea lol
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[14 Jun 2004|07:16pm]
Usher or Eminem: Eminem
Britney or Christina: Both
Hilary or LinZ: Hilary
Avril or Hilary: Hilary
MaryKate or Ashley: Ashley
Justin or Ashton: Ashton
Janet or Faye: both
Beyonce or Britney: Britney
50 cent or D12: D12
johnny depp or Orlando Bloom: both lol

Punk or Pop: pop
rap or R&B: both
cd players or boom boxes: CD player
Singing or dancing: singing

Chocolate or Vinialla: Chocolate
computer or Tv: comp i guess
dvds or vhs: dvd
magazines or books: magazine
brown hair or blonde hair: browinish blondish lol
green eyes or bue eyes: blue eyes
dramatic movies or Action: both
Comedy or Romance: Comedy
Concerts or Movies: both
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Play sausage! Who has the longest? [13 Jun 2004|02:27pm]
{length:35}-{nightway}-{w23}-{cherita}-{goldy_kin}-{besyonya}-{alexej}-{ivand}-{ta_tochka}-{gosha}-{candelabra}-{nikon_nlg}-{dziro}-{ven_ture}-{xnrrn}-{allegroconmolto}-{soulscode}-{glassapples}-{traveller}-{shaenie}-{nasturtium}-{bunnybaggins}-{juvu}-{blueathena}-{wyldkyss}-{jooolz}-{cybergirl}-{robotgirl} - {machinegirl} - {gordond} - {kawaiikitty} - {peaceful_one} - {reflecti0n_} - {__faultlinex} - {boysxsmell} - {cookiesxcream}
To join, enter your nickname and press the button. The sausage will post itself automatically.
You have to be logged in and have Javascript enabled.
created by nightway
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random [13 Jun 2004|02:21pm]

Got this from megans lj


Bold the movies that you've seen

1. X-Men
2. The Craft
3. X2
4. Swimfan
5. Fellowship of the Ring
6. Finding Nemo
7. Peter Pan
8. Home Alone
9. Aladdin
10. The Ring
11. 10 Things I Hate About You
12. Not Another Teen Movie
13. Spiceworld
14. 8 Mile

15. Bambi
16. Pirates of the Carribean - kinda lol
17. Edward Scissorhands
18. Stepmom

19. My Best Friends Wedding
20. 101 Dalmations

21. Scream
22. Scream 2
23. Scream 3

24. Big Daddy
25. Billy Madison
26. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
27. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

28. Heartbreakers
29. Dumb & Dumber
30. Two Weeks Notice
31. Scary Movie
32. Look Who's Talking

33. Blade
34. Blade II
35. O
36. Titanic
37. Carrie
38. Carrie 2: The Rage
39. Daddy Day Care

40. Legally Blonde
41. Austin Powers

42. Storm of the Century
43. Oliver and Company
44. Two Towers
45. Return of the King
46. Mighty Ducks
47. Fast and the Furious

48. 2 Fast, 2 Furious

49. A Walk To Remember
50. XXX
51. Beauty and the Beast
52. I Know What You Did Last Summer
53. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

54. Sound of Music
55. Mary Poppins

56. Tuck Everlasting
57. The Patriot
58. The Wizard of Oz
59. Killing Ms. Tingle
60. Crossroads
61. Now and Then

62. Pearl Harbor
63. Just Married
64. Cast Away
65. Radio Flyer
66. Final Destination
67. Lady and the Tramp
68. Shallow Hal

69. 40 Days and 40 Nights
70. Bring It On
71. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
72. The Outsiders
73. The Matrix
74. Perfect Storm
75. Cruel Intentions
76. Never Been Kissed
77. Clueless
78. Bruce Almighty
79. Remember the Titans

81. Girl, Interrupted
82. SWAT
83. Sixth Sense
84. PhoneBooth
85. The Lion King
86. Urban Legends
87. Nightflier
88. Lion King 2
89. Little Mermaid
90. American Pie
91. Center Stage

92. Scooby Doo
93. Bedazzled
94. Mrs. Doubtfire
95. Save the Last Dance
96. My Girl

97. American Beauty
98. Romeo & Juliet
99. Lost World
100. Casper
101. Miss Congeniality

102. The Rock
103. Face Off
104. Moulin Rouge
105. Sleeping Beauty

106. Alien
107. Tombstone
108. Lake Placid
109. The Recruit
110. The Shining
111. Pocahontas

112. French Kiss
113. Pretty Woman
114. Dirty Dancing

115. Italian Job
116. Love Actually
117. Identity
118. The Mummy

119. Drumline
120. Finding Forrester
121. Monster's Inc.
122. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
123. Spawn
124. All I Want
125. Mallrats
126. Dogma
127. Rat Race

128. Stigmata
129. Eye Of The Beholder
130. To Die For
131. Gangs Of New York
132. A Clockwork Orange
133. Chicago
134. Big Fish
135. Donnie Darko
136. Chinatown
137. There's Something About Mary
138. National Security
139. What Dreams May Come
140. Lilo and Stitch
141. Selena
142. Les Miserables; Tenth Anniversary Concert
143. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
144. Oliver
145. The Haunting
146. Jane Eyre
147. Monty Python and The Holy Grail
148. Annie
149. Pleasantville

150. The Goodbye Girl
151. Evita
152. How to Deal
153. Drop Dead Gorgeous
154. Waiting for Guffman
155. The Breakfast Club
156. Best In Show
157. The Others

ive seen alot of movies lol

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[13 Jun 2004|02:20pm]
CookiesxCream's LJ stalker is beautifulxsoulx!
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grr [13 Jun 2004|02:16pm]
i have a math final tomorrow.. sucks i know lol hey its only two hours i gotta go in for soo yeah.

thanks soo much kelli for doing the background!
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